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Where To Stay In Sundarban – Boat Vs Hotel

When you go through travel blogs or watch a travel program on a television or online, you see the reporter taking an adventurous tour through the wilderness – your heart yearns to experience it too. And you need courage to just pack and ship off – with no hotel bookings, no planning – just become one with Nature!

Planning Your Adventure Sundarban Tour? Get To Know 13 Awesome Facts About Sundarbans

So, are you ready to explore the Jungle in all its glory? Want to plan your Sundarban trip with a good stock of information that will surely help you navigate the dense and entwined networks of the wilderness? Yes? Read on…

Planning A Sundarban Tour? Here Are Top 10 Things To Do And Enjoy In The Wild

Sundarban tour is a must in every family bucket list – be it from Kolkata or any part of India.A land shrouded by mystery and intrigue - the Sundarbans is Nature’s own mystery box - waiting to be explored.

Sundarban Tour Guide

A veiled mysterious land – unexplored and shrouded with flawless rustic beauty – Sundarbans – is a UNESCO World Heritage Listed site and one of the largest mangrove in the world. It is a gateway to Nature’s unique genesis of wildlife.

Top 10 Unexplored Durga Puja Holiday Destinations In India

Spend your Durga Puja Holidays to some of India’s unexplored, off-beat destinations. Experience the new and become a part of its over-the-edge memories. Celebrate the most pious and joyous occasion exploring unchartered and unexplored villages, towns, hills, mountains and tranquil cities.

Sundarban Tour Guide To The Magical Mangrove

Growing up I remember visiting the Circus during the winters. The visuals that continue to mesmerize me till date are that of the savage lions and tigers galloping through a fiery hula hoop. And since the Circus site was only 15 minutes away from my place, I could hear a faint roar of the majestic […]

Sundarban Tour: Top 3 Reasons To Stay & Explore Sundarban On A Houseboat

If you have a travel bucket list then add Sundarban in it. Why? There are zillion reasons to visit Sundarban if not often but once in a lifetime. Sundarbans is a secluded, dense, and the world’s largest mangrove forest. No matter how cliche it may sound, it never gets old when we say – Sundarban […]

Sundarban Tour Guide: Answers To All Your Queries

The Sundarbans are the world’s largest littoral mangrove belt – spread across India and Bangladesh. It gets its name from the Sundari Trees that grow in abundance in the forest area. Apart from this connotation, it is also believed that the name Sundarbans originates from the word Shomudrobon or Sea Forest. Taking a Sundarban Tour […]

Top 5 Places To Visit In Sundarbans

Sundarbans – home to the Royal Bengal Tiger. No matter how cliche it may sound, it’s definitely the USP of World’s largest mangrove. Sundarbans – a UNESCO bonafide World Heritage Centre is yet to be explored and scavenged to one’s heart content. The forest is largely impenetrable. However, there are a few incredible places to […]

Summers in Sundarban – An Unconventional Summer Holiday Destination

Summer is quintessential to an extended vacation – an exciting season that both old and young look forward to enjoying with friends and families. Summer holidays mean – planning a trip to the snow-capped regions – which – though a preferred option – is quite common. True – you can beat the heat and scourge […]