Experience Mystical Wilderness Of Sundarbans

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Breathtaking Sundarbans

Mother Nature in all her beauty has created a heavenly abode right in-between two tempestuous nations, India and Bangladesh. This 2000 sq km area, is the only last standing omnipotent jungle that has the honour of being a host to not only a vast variety of birds and reptiles but it can also boast in regard to its largest occupant - the Royal Bengal Tiger.

These are the Sundarbans!

The Sundarbans are considered a World Heritage Site due to a network of semi-submerged mangroves and channels, which makes it the largest river delta in the world. Named after the ‘Sundari’ tree found here in abundance, it is home to more than 260 species of birds, 120 species of fish, 8 species of amphibians, 50 species of reptiles and the only population of Salt-Water Crocodiles in India.

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Experience the Amazon Of East in Sundarban Houseboats

Want to have a serene but thrilling experience? Want to see some of the greatest works of Mother Nature? Then come experience the Sundarbans by sailing through the pristine mangrove forests and languishing in the lap of luxury. Forget all your worries and leave all your problems behind and come sail with us as we take you through a journey through time.

Sail with us across the beautiful Delta and explore the abode of heavenly flora and fauna of Sundarbans in Sundarban Houseboat. Equipped with all the amenities such as double bedrooms, attached bathrooms, TV’s and exotic meals, come see the forest in all its magnificence with a hint of luxury thrown in. Dive into the lap of pristine nature, get close and personal with the wild habitat, fiery beast - Royal Bengal Tigers, feast your eyes on wild boars, deer, otters, a colourful species of birds, giant monitor lizards and more!