9 Offbeat Places To Visit In A Sundarban Tour Which Only Locals Know About

When we plan a vacation we always want to go to places where there are no crowds, no noise – to basically connect with nature. But with the present population boom, this is easier said than done.

But what if I told you that there is a place – only 100 kms from Kolkata – which has clear skies, dense jungles, and bountiful locations?

You would think I am crazy right? Wrong! For there is such a place – a place where the animals roam free and the beauty of the land is sure to mesmerize you. The place? Our very own Sundarbans!

I bet you rolled your eyes hearing the name and you are thinking, ‘ Again another Kolkata to sundarban trip? What’s new about that place again? It’s the same jungle.’ But what if you could visit 7 offbeat places that only locals know about? Intrigued? Then read on to find out…

Chargheri Char:


Want to go looking for crabs? Want to see how the Horseshoe Crab looks? Want to see how an octopus or starfish move in the water? Then come down to Chargheri Char Village or the Mudflats in your Sundarban trip!

It is one of the southernmost villages in the Sundarbans and here you can closely interact with the monitor lizards and crustaceans. For the adventure lovers, you can take a mud bath in these villages – submerge yourself in the richness of the mud brought down from the Himalayas.


tiger reserve

Located only 98 kms from Kolkata to Sunderbans, Jhorkhali is considered to be the gateway of the Sundarbans. This area is perfect for families and friends who just want to spend a day in the sun. With clear open skies, warm sun, pristine beaches, Jhorkhali is the place to visit not only for a day or two but also for a picnic.

The greatest attraction of the area is the Tiger Rescue Centre – here you can see the great felines who are rescued and treated for injuries. You can closely interact with these giant predators but at a safe distance.

So, why not take a trip down to Jhorkhali and actually get to see a tiger – even if through a mesh fence?

Golpatar Jungle:

golpatar forest

Want to know a fun fact?

Sundarbans are actually not 100 kms from Kolkata – in honestly there is a part of Sundarbans that are only 80 kms away and that is in Taki.

Shocked right? Yes, Taki is a part of the Sundarbans.

Here, you can visit the Golpatar forest to see the beauty of the Sundarbans without actually having to travel to the Sundarbans. You can also visit the Maachranga Dwip to see the beautiful ruins of the Durgadalan.  You can also see the majestic Icchamati River as it divides India-Bangladesh into the neighboring nations. You can also see the competition between the fishermen of both nations as they try to catch fish before the other without actually breaking any international borders.

Dutta River:

Mangrove forest

When taking a sundarban tour package from Kolkata, we all want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. And neither of us want to go to a bustling town.

So, take a jetty or boat ride down the Dutta River, to soothe the tormented mind and soul and you might just be able to connect to the world and all the beauty in it.

Sit on the deck of a boat at night on the Dutta River and get enchanted by the beauty of the thousands of stars that can be seen twinkling overhead and feel the presence of the jungle all around you – with nothing but the river and the boat separating you from the perils of the jungle darkness.

Hiran Point:

village scene

Located in the southernmost part of the Sundarbans, Hiran point is surrounded by water bodies on all three sides and is one of the uninhabited islands.

Here, you can really get close to nature as mostly crocodiles, monkeys, deer, and the Royal Bengal tiger are found on this island. This spot is also a favorite for bird lovers as it is the main confluence for all the different varieties and species of birds found in the Sundarbans.

For thrill seekers, there is a small surprise – on this island is a three-storeyed resthouse, which you can book in advance, and you can stay the night here and see if you can catch a glimpse of the glowing eyes peering through the forest.

Lothian Island:

bird watching

When planning for a Sundarban trip, you will obviously plan to go to the Bhagabatpur Crocodile Sanctuary, but I am sure you will miss the little stretch of heaven situated just beside it.

This is Lothian Island – surrounded by the Saptamukhi River, this is a bird watchers paradise.

With a large variety of birds such as Black-capped Kingfisher, White-Bellied Sea Eagle, Brown Fish Owl, Osprey, Mangrove Whistler – the island is a small haven for all varieties of avians. But it is also home to Crocodiles, the famous Olive Ridley Sea Turtles, Spotted Deer, Jungle Cats, and Rhesus Monkeys.

Kalash Island:

olive ridley turtles

Kalash Island is the place to visit if you actually want to have an experience with a wild animal.

Located at the estuary of the Malta River, this island has a sweet water pond – which is why it is a hub for animals.

With properly armed guards, you can visit the beach and see the pond – and you never know you just might catch a whiff of the orange and black stripes.

The island is also famous for the Olive Ridley Turtles as they come to this island to breed and if you plan your visit in the proper time you can actually see the little turtle hatchlings pop their head out of the sandy beaches and crawl towards the sea.


sundari tree

Want to have a little adventure while taking a Sundarban tour guide? Then come visit Burirdabri. From the watchtower here you can actually view the Bangladesh part of the Sundarbans.

So, where is the adventure you ask? Why it’s how you get to the watchtower.  

To get to the watchtower you need to cross some mudflats. And how to do that? Why by playing hop-scotch that’s how.

Large flat wooden boxes are laid out like steps – and you jump onto each one to get to the other side. From the tower, you can see the beauty of the Sundarbans stretched out for miles on end.

Sitarampur Beach:

sitarampur beach

Looking for a little piece of white heaven in the crowded world? Looking for a beach which is yet to be overcrowded with people?

Then look no further. The southwestern tip of the Sundarbans is home to the Sitarampur island which boasts of pristine white sandy untouched beaches.

This island is still unknown to most of the world and is a beautiful location not only for rest and relaxation but it is also a hub for crab collection and fishing. With its clean beaches, beautiful sunsets, and calm ambiance – the Sitarampur beach will soon become the go-to destination for all.

A tour from Kolkata to Sundarbans is one we have all taken at least once in our lifetime – but if you go to even one of these places on the list you are sure to see something that you haven’t seen before.