Summers in Sundarban – An Unconventional Summer Holiday Destination

Summer is quintessential to an extended vacation – an exciting season that both old and young look forward to enjoying with friends and families. Summer holidays mean – planning a trip to the snow-capped regions – which – though a preferred option – is quite common.
True – you can beat the heat and scourge the sun – when holidaying in winter destination – but there is nothing like exploring nature at her best. So, how about taking an unconventional route to spend your summer vacation this time – and nothing shouts unique and straight-out-of-the-traveller’s-diary than Sunderban.

Enjoy the summers in Sundarban

Sunderban – the largest estuarine – mangrove forest in the world – is cusped between India, and Bangladesh. It’s adorned with shrouded mist, river-ladened swamp – coupled with stubborn shifting tides and made up of 54 tiny islands along the tributaries of River Ganges. Sunderban is also home to the Royal Bengal Tiger.
The region is designed and sketched by Mother Nature with off-beaten tracks. It’s the untouched part of India and Bangladesh – remote, uninhabited by people, characterised by wild terrains, mesmerising river channels, and a swampy environment.

Best time to visit Sundarbans – why visit this remote and uninhabited region called the Sundarban?

If you are a nature enthusiast – and a true adventurer at heart – you will fall in love with the Sunderban. It offers a thrilling and enigmatic experience of spotting one of the most fearsome, and magnificent animals in the world – Royal Bengal Tiger.
September to March are the best months to visit Sundarbans, the winter being the most pleasant period.

Sundarban National Park – things to do, explore, discover and experience

Sunderban National Park is a mini mangrove reserve – and home to the Royal Bengal Tigers. It’s one of the best sources of adventure holidays. Though the winter months are the best time to visit Sunderbans National Park – you can catch a glimpse of the majestic beasts – The Royal Bengal Tiger – during the summer months.
Sunderban boasts its picturesque scenarios, wildlife, and outdoor adventure activities. The region harbours 250 species of birds, 55 species of reptiles and over 58 species of mammals.Apart for the Tigers – you can also get a sight of a few endangered species – like – Olive Ridley, King Crabs, Turtles, Batagur Baska and others. You can also encounter giant lizards, jungle fowls, wild boar, crocodiles and spotted deer.
The forest is a pure delight for the nature enthusiasts because it offers the opportunity to catch a glimpse of magnificent creatures – which is otherwise an impossible feat – especially for city dwellers. The best way to view all these fantastic beasts and experience the wilderness by visiting the viewpoints of Katka and Nilkamalor. And for outdoor adventure lovers – there’s an arrangement for coastal trekking at the Chargheri Char mud-flats.
Sunderban comprises of 64 variants of mangroves. Some of them are Sundari, Kankra, Passur, Garjan, Dhundal, Genwa and Goran.

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Spend your summer holidays gliding through the rivers of Sunderban, seeping through its many mangroves in an elaborate houseboat and submerge your mind and soul into the breathtaking magic of nature – called Sunderban!

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Why stay indoors, constricted within four-closed wall when you can be enveloped by the beauty of Nature and get a first hand experience in witnessing the alluring wonder that is The Sundarbans!