Sundarban tour

Sundarban Tour: Top 3 Reasons To Stay & Explore Sundarban On A Houseboat

If you have a travel bucket list then add Sundarban in it. Why?

There are zillion reasons to take a Sundarban tour package if not often but once in a lifetime. Sundarbans is a secluded, dense, and the world’s largest mangrove forest.

No matter how cliche it may sound, it never gets old when we say – Sundarban is home to the Royal Bengal Tiger.

Yes, undeniably – the mangrove is an insignia of the mighty Sundarbans. And a Sundarban tour is worth it when you sail across the majestic delta region.

3 Reasons to Cruise along the Jungle on a Houseboat

The Sundarbans is stationed close to the Bay of Bengal and is a Gangetic Delta region. With a windy and humid weather condition, the jungle area is accessible in peak seasons, especially between September and March.

The World’s Largest Mangrove is amongst the remaining Gangetic Deltas and the most affected wilderness due to the rising crisis of Global Warming. The island is slowly and gradually getting submerged in the sea water. The Sundarban area is shared between India and Bangladesh, with the former being more accessible. However, the best way to navigate the mangrove is via a boat or houseboat.

  • 1. Fewer Resorts and Hotels

    Sundarbans is a secluded and impassable land, occupied by numerous smaller islands, dense marshy land, and intertwining waterways. Given the weather, and land conditions, the island forest does not have many convenient hotels and resorts.
    Most of them are located far from the forest compass. And staying in a hotel or resort means, undergoing the inconvenience of hop-skip-and-jumping boats to explore the place.

  • 2. Swampy Forest Area

    Another reason to plan a Sundarban trip on a houseboat is the Swampy condition of the mangrove forest. It is a vast tract of saltwater and woodland swamp, giving way to the Brahmaputra and Padma River Delta and southern parts of Bangladesh. It is designed with a robust network of tidal rivers, estuaries and creeks, along with traversing channels.
    The woodland region is a dense forest and a marshy island. It is not easy to navigate the forest on foot or a drivable vehicle. Sailing is the best and the most convenient option.

  • 3. All plans and bookings are done for you in one step

    All you need to do is hop-skip-and-jump to and fro the houseboat to explore innermost parts of the jungle. In fact, you don’t even have to rent a boat or speedboat to maneuver via the marshy swamps of Sundarbans.
    A houseboat with a fantastic administrative and management team, will take care of all your needs, plan your Sundarban travel, tour, and sightseeing, take care of various norms, like, paying for the Tiger Reserve entry, seeking permission to visit specific abandoned places and more.

The bottom line is:

Renting a houseboat for your Sundarban tour will prove to be advantageous and fun at the same time.