Sundarban Travel Guide: How Many Days Are Ideal For Sundarban Tour?

When you scroll through Facebook or Instagram you see pictures of people traveling the globe and you wonder:

How do they get so many days off from work?

How long must their vacations actually be?

And, What is the cost for the whole trip? How do they start planning? Where do they get the information to plan the whole trip?

And another thousand and one such questions go through your mind.

Yes, we all need a vacation – a little bit of downtime to replenish our body, mind, and soul. But how long a vacation do we need to actually come back feeling rejuvenated?

According to the Journal of Happiness Studies, the best length for a vacation – is eight days – that is the time required by a person to acclimatize themselves to a new routine and a new lease on life.

But that does not mean you always need an eight-day vacation – sometimes all you need is a weekend away – just to get rid of the cobwebs in the mind – and what better place to visit than the Sundarbans!

The Sundarbans travel is packed full of fun, laughter, and excitement – and that’s just only from the forest.

But everyone takes a picnic to the Sundarbans, why should you visit the same place for 2 or 3 days, right?


Taking a picnic to the Sundarbans for a day is more like tasting a drop of honey and not actually dipping your whole finger into the pot, which we all do (when no one is around!)

There are many Sundarban houseboat tours available depending on the number of vacation days you want to spend – but with each increase in days spent in the houseboat, you see more and more parts of the forest – and you have a greater opportunity of seeing the Royal Bengal Tiger.

1 Night 2 Days Sundarban Tour Package:

A vacation is only as good as the number of days you can take off from your hectic schedule. For all the weekend adventure junkies – take the 1 night 2 days Sundarban travel package – where you can see a new place, get some sun and sand and be home before the start of the new work week.
Although a little hectic, this trip ensures that you visit all the important spots of the Sundarbans – with the pickup in the houseboat from Godkhali Jetty shore and touring of Sajnekhali and Pakhir Jungle – your first day does not seem wasted with only starting the tour.
With the houseboat, your tour never really stops – neither during the day nor during the night. And Day 2 is just the same – with an early morning cruise down towards Sudhanyakhali to see the edge of the Sundarbans and the actual starting of the Bay of Bengal.
With the 1 night 2 days Sundarban tour package in a houseboat, you are given the best of both worlds – a vacation without actually having to spend hours traveling to the vacation site to actually start the vacation (that’s a lot of vacations in one sentence.)

2 Night 3 Days Sundarban Tour Package:

For people who want to spend a few idyllic days with nothing to do but languish around, enjoy the sun and the scenic beauty without having to jump around from place to place – then this 2 night 3 days Sundarban tour package is perfect for you.
Starting from Godkhali Jetty launch in the afternoon, the first day is spent traveling to Sajnekhali to see the Mangrove Museum. From there travel onto Pakhiralay – to see the magnificent sunset and see the beautiful dances of the birds as they travel back to their nests before the moon rises.
The Day 2 cruise starts early in the morning to reach Dobanki, which is the furthest point on the southern part of the Sanctuary Zone. Here, guests can get a birds-eye-view of the jungle from the Canopy Walk. Later, visits to the other islands of Gazikhal and Pirkhali are also made while traveling down the different tributaries of the Ganges.
Day 3 is a tour of the Sudhanyakhali Watchtower – wherein in order to reach you have to cross the Banobibi Bharani and other such tributaries.
For people who want to spend some more idyllic days in the lap of Nature with nothing holding them back then you can avail the 3 Nights 4 Days Tour Package.
In this 4 day tour, you not only get the benefit of visiting all the other locations mentioned before but also Morichhapi, Satjelia, MollaKhali, and Kumirmari, you can also experience walking through the actual jungle floor to reach the Burirdabri Watchtower.
But before thinking about taking a vacation it is best to plan ahead – a proper plan would mean a hassle-free stay and a tension free time. While planning any vacation to any part of the world you must consider a few checklists to fill out before you can actually travel:

Where do I want to go?
If it is to the Sundarbans then your first task is already completed.

How long should the trip be?
This is decided mainly by how many vacation days you have or the budget you have for spending. In case of Sundarbans, you have the benefit of choosing a 1 Night 2 Days package or a 2 Night 3 Days package.

How much money do I need to save for the tour?
When planning a trip you always need to budget accordingly. If you plan a vacation to Paris you have to plan in accordance with their cost of living. The budget can be made in advance once you know the room and food rates being charged. If booking a Sundarban tour well in advance you can always add a little extra to the price already quoted and by the time you actually have to book the package it will not shock you or startle you.

Have You Planned Your Activities?
When you know where, when and how much now all you need to plan is what to do. Before actually visiting any location first look up all the things to see and all the activities you can do there. For a Sundarban travel package, all the trips are pre-planned – so all you have to do is pack a bag, grab your camera and jump onto an adventure.

But, no matter how long or short of a Sundarban Tour you do plan (even if it is just for a day tour) remember the most important thing – FUN!
Go ahead and have lots of it – for you never know tomorrow might not be as fun as today!