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The 7 Deadly Sins – What Not To Do At A Sundarban Tour

We all want a holiday – a vacation to relax our body, mind, and soul. More often than others we want a vacation to bring us close to Nature and help us enjoy the beauty that the world has to offer us. But sometimes we forget the actual beauty of nature and think of our own selfish reasons to take a vacation.

When taking a Sundarban tour package we must all remember that we are going to a location where we the people do not have the upper hand – we are entering the territory of animals and must take into consideration that it is their natural habitat, not ours.

So, want to know the 7 deadly sins of a Sundarban Tour Package?
Want to know what you should not do when taking a tour of the Sundarban mangroves?

Then, read on…

Do Not Bite Off More Than You Can Chew:

We have all heard this proverb and know what it means but in case of vacation – it is best to not try and stuff in more activities than what you can actually achieve. Being organized is good but being gluttonous in terms of travel plans is not good.

How can you stuff five days activities in just two or three days just to suit your hunger for adventure? When taking a Sundarban trip it is best to give yourself ample time to see the whole area, and if you are crunched for time then forgo some spots to visit.

The more you pile onto a trip the more hectic it will get and the more tiring it will be – you will very soon need a vacation from the vacation.

An Animal Is More Than An Object For Your Enjoyment:

Sundarban Animals

When you visit the Sundarbans, you must remember that you are entering their territory – it is their home, not yours. And accordingly, you must give the animals the respect they deserve.

A Sundarban trip can only be successful if you, the tourists, follow the rules put in place to protect not only the wildlife but also yourself.

Flaunting these rules and regulations means that you are not only endangering yourself but also the wildlife around you. For when these animals attack men then they not only sign the death warrant of the person but also their own. They become man-killers and thus must be killed, why, because man encroached on their land.

No Amount Of Tiger Teeth Or Pangolin Skin Can Make You Rich:

Pangolin Sundarban Wildlife

Tiger teeth, tiger skin, snake venom, pangolin skin, crocodile teeth, crocodile skin – these are all products that are supposed to make you rich. But they come at a cost.

All the animals mentioned are all on the endangered species list of WWF because man has been hunting them for sport and riches from ancient times. But in those times there were large numbers of these creatures – now they have dwindled down to a few hundred.

Unless we take a stand and say no to purchasing products of endangered species then the killing will not stop.

Being lazy or inactive in the jungle can lead to grave danger, not only for you but also the people around you:

Sundarban Royal Bengal Tiger

When taking a tour of the Sundarbans you need to remember that you are entering a jungle – you are entering the habitat of wild animals. So, you need to be vigilant and aware of your surroundings.

When you become lackadaisical and forget your surroundings you give the wild beasts an opportunity – an opportunity for them to live up to their name.

So, why be a sloth? Why leave anything to chance? Why punish a creature who knows no better?

The Sundarbans are after all a jungle – a scary place where around every corner there is danger lurking. Always be vigilant and aware of your surroundings.

Disrespecting The Forest And Its Inhabitants Not Only Brings On The Wrath Of The People But Also The Gods:

Sundarban Deity

The people of the Sundarbans believe that they are protected from evil by their own God – Bonbibi. No matter which religion you belong to – in the Sundarbans – before you go fishing or honey collecting, you always pray to Bonbibi for safe passage.

As tourists, to the local population, you are nothing short of a God. It is from your buying of their products that they earn a livelihood.

But the people of the Sundarbans are very proud people. They are proud of their heritage, they are proud of their culture and mostly they are proud of their Bengal Tiger. Capturing, hunting, injuring or misusing the forest and all that she has to offer is a big no-no to these simple folk – harm their mode of living and they will not be your friend.

But the locals believe that if you bring harm to mother nature in any way in the Sundarbans, then you might not be answerable to them but you will be answerable to their God – Bonbibi – and she is a strict albeit understanding God.

Do Not Be Envious Of The Beauty Around You And Try To Make An Income From It:

Sundarban Mangrove Forest

Mother Nature made the beauty of the world for all to enjoy it – not for some to enjoy it and others to income from it. The Sundarbans are considered one of the last natural wonders of the world and slowly with the growing population and strain – it seems to be overburdened with all that is happening.

When taking a Sundarban trip it is best to try to just enjoy the surroundings and to forget any hidden agenda. No amount of accumulation of wealth nor accumulation of products will take precedence over protecting the beauty of the Sundarbans.

It Pays More To Be Humble Than To Be Proud:

Sundarbans Locals

The people who reside in the Sundarbans are people from humble backgrounds. They work long and hard hours to sustain their loved ones. As the salinity of the water increases and the land gets eroded, it is just a matter of time before the Sundarbans are swept under the tides. Because of this people are losing their land and their homes and very soon will have nothing left to their name. There are more ways to help these people than you can imagine – buy jute products or baskets from them without bargaining – This will not only help them make a living but will also give them a little profit.

So, why not help these people in ways possible to earn a decent living.

The Sundarbans are a magical place full of intrigue, wonder, and beauty – a place where time has stood still – a place where mystery lurks behind every corner. To take a Sundarban tour package from Kolkata would be to forget the existence of the rest of the world and to enter into a land shrouded with wonder and beauty. To see the Sundarbans in all their pomp and glory would be nothing short of witnessing the joy of life.